HERITAGE 76T Carbon Fiber / Maple Hybrid


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Designed for Speed and Comfort

The Heritage 76T paddle is all about lightweight design, delivering exceptional speed and comfort on the court. After all, if you can’t reach the ball quickly, you can’t make that winning shot.

Thanks to its lightweight carbon fiber base, this paddle provides outstanding control without compromising on power. With the sweet spot positioned closer to the head of the paddle, the Heritage 76T offers remarkable power as well.

This paddle is your ticket to hours of comfortable play. The combination of lightweight natural wood and carbon fiber construction effectively minimizes vibrations, ensuring a solid and comfortable feel with every hit.

The hybrid carbon fiber/maple substructure of the Heritage paddles grants precise shot placement and dinking capabilities. It’s the ideal choice for players who prioritize precision over power.

If you’re seeking agility, speed, and control, all wrapped up in a remarkably comfortable package, the Heritage 76T is your perfect paddle. Play better, play more.

More info on the paddle design and shape. Why such a narrow paddle ?


Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 10 × 4 in
Heritage Colours

Powder Blue, Purple, Smoke


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