What our customers say

What our customers say

September 2021
I've been playing with my Retro 85T for a few months now and I quite like it. I'm around a 4.0 player and had been using a Paddletek Helo. I thought I'd try a shorter paddle and force myself to find a little extra quickness and accuracy at the net. My game does feel better and I'm, also, happy with the power of the Retro 85T. Of course, everyone comments on the beauty of the paddle, so that's a plus too.
Greg D

August 2021
From what I have seen I believe the BrickHouse Retro 65 paddle quality and build is first rate and I am sure it is on the 85 model as well. There is a good story to sell it with, wood and truly Canadian made. Plus the paddle plays solid and sets itself apart from a lot of the other paddles.
L,. (New retail partner eastern Ontario)

August 2021
Just played games three games n won all so far. Really  loving the paddle, its like automatic to me it s doing the work I can actually close my eyes playing lol
PB, New York

July 2021
My old paddle was pretty beat up so needed a new one. I wanted something manufactured in Canada. I found Brickhouse in a search. I decided on the Retro 85T. It was the weight I wanted and the look of the paddle is great. So we stopped in St. Mary’s on one of our road trips and fortunately Chris had one available.
I’ve played with it now several times. The weight is right on for me. You can tell from the deep thunk and the feel when contact is made with the ball that the construction is superb. Several of the people I play with have tried it out and all are as impressed as I am with it.
I’m pretty hard on my paddles. They get pretty chewed up after about a year. When I do that to this 85T I can guarantee I’ll be going back for another one.
GP - St Thomas

May 2021
Our Tuesday morning play was rained out and the guys suggested we play Thursday. So yesterday I put the Retro 85T to the test. I am going to be using one of the 85T’s as the demo paddle for folks to try.
OMG!!...I am very excited about this 85T paddle. An all around great paddle for feel,touch and “pop” when needed. I must say you are on to something here. I will be tying it again this coming Tuesday when the guys come again. I will give you more feedback then.
Right now thou it has become my paddle of choice.
Thanks for getting me onboard with you guys, can’t wait to get out and around so others can be introduced to your paddles.
Bob - Goderich

April 2021
The paddle has a very solid sweet spot and the ball pops off of it with great strength.  I noticed that the vibrations of the ball hitting the paddle face is dampened - there are players who like this dampened feel and others who appreciate that extra connection of the paddle to the hand. As for the balance of the paddle during singles I found the balance provides a very satisfactory swing speed. My ground strokes were clean and accurate. 
SM - Toronto

June 2021
I really like the balance and weight of the paddle. 
Andy T - Kitchener

April 2021
We used our new 65T today and loved it! So much control and accuracy 👍🏼 
Jane D - Vernon BC

April 2021
I LOVE my purple paddle! It really improved my game! The paddle weight and medium grip (I opted for this) works really well for me. My husband has a blue paddle and requested it to be a little more on the heavier side for all of the outdoor play that we have been doing during the pandemic. He loves it so much and ordered a cherry one with a lighter weight for indoor play. These are quality hand made paddles yet carefully crafted to meet regulation requirements. Buy one–you will not be disappointed! 
PB - St Marys, On

May 2021
I love my Awesome Orange Retro 65T paddle. Very solid feel, good control, power and touch. Looks amazing too. Great job Brick House Paddles and the website is great.
Brian - St Marys, On

May 2021
I absolutely love my Brickhouse paddle. The colour is perfect. I would highly recommend this paddle for both beginners and experienced players. The weight makes it easy to handle, yet it’s heavy enough to make those hard shots when necessary. Every pickleball player should have one of these paddles in their collection. 
Barb N St Marys, On

Received paddle yesterday. Very impressed with appearance, even better than pictures. Seems to play well. Nice weight. Don’t think I will be the only one on our court with one of these for long.

July 2021
Couldn’t be happier. When I first got my paddle I found the grip was to large. A week later the folks at Brickhouse followed up on my paddle and I mentioned the grip. They asked me to send it back, modified the grip for me no charge, and sent it back. Now that’s service. Paddle is great too

March 2021
I have 2 of these babies, “one for each hand” I have become unbeatable”🤣. Seriously, I have noticed a marked improvement in the control of my shots particularly with the long shot. I recommend these paddles. 
Dave B - Stratford

June 2021
l ordered the 65T retro, only took 2days to get. A well made and good looking paddle, played with it today.I never really had to get used to it, l like it a lot and would buy from them again.Thank you guys    
JT - 

I saw your face book page and thought I would try out your Retro 65 T paddle this week. I am currently using a Selkirk Invikta Mid Weight. I am a 3.5- 4.0 player playing both recreational and tournament play. I played for 3 hours with the 65 T that I picked up at Courtside sports in Victoria to demo.
I liked the idea it was made in Canada and also the wood face. This paddle felt very solid and along with a soft touch at the net during dinking. It take take me a little time to adjust to the power when hitting deep shots but you could feel the wood played a factor in that, once it I did it felt great.
The only wish would be if you could develop a longer version like the Invikta , I find the extra length does give an advantage in Singles and Tournament play.
With the quality and price point of of the 65T I would recommend it to all recreational players for sure
Peter K - Victoria BC