What our customers say

What our customers say.
March 202

Name; Justin M, Michigan
Paddle model Retro 87
Please rate our paddle
5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
At first I hated it as I was coming from a carbon paddle which plays way different. I have to swing a little harder. I didn't give up on it and now it's my go to paddle. It has better touch and control than my Carbon paddle but still spins the ball.

Heritage 74T
Did the reviews Chris.
Thanks for your customer service.
This is really working out for me. As I am still a beginner, I have an awful lot to learn, but not I’m limited any more by poor quality paddles.
I am playing so much better than before.
I enclosed what I wrote in the reviews.Thanks, Cliff

Paddle model:Heritage 74T
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Had the opportunity to try out the Heritage 74T. Really an exceptional paddle. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.
Kate, Ontario

Paddle model:74T-Natural Maple and Black
Please rate our paddle:5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Comments?:From the first hit I knew this was the paddle for me.

The paddle not only looks great but it has improved my game also. After letting my friend use it for a game, he ordered a 76T a couple days later and he also fell in love with his new paddle.

These are great paddles obviously manufactured by people who know what they are doing and to top it all off, they are made in Canada 🇨🇦

Funny part is that I live in Ontario, very close to St Mary’s, and was not aware of them till this winter when I happened to see their advertisement on Facebook. As I spend the winter in Florida, hey had to ship it to the US and I got it within a few days.

Great paddle and great service, hard to find these days so Thanks guys, much appreciate.


Paddle model Retro87
Please rate our paddle 5 - Absolutely Love it😍
This Paddle is great for outdoor play. Lots of "pop" but also can put some nice controlled spins on various shots. My lobs are staying in play better and the Paddle just has a nice "feel" to it. Previously was using the Hertiage 75 and think will continue to use it indoors (but haven't tried my new Retro 87 inside yet). Thanks Chris for making such standout paddles (appearance and performance)!
John T FL

Paddle model 74T
Please rate our paddle 5 - Absolutely Love it😍
As a pickleball coach, I have players try different paddles that I have purchased over the years and I allow players to try them. I have consistent comments regarding BRICK HOUSE Paddles and in particular, the 74T. The first comment is that players feel is is "just right for them--weight and balance". They comment that there is great value in the paddle based on price and even better value based on performance. I have players with shoulder and elbow issues and they find that the 74T does not cause any discomfort even after two plus hours of training and play. Personally, the 74T is a terrific paddle. I have bicep/tricep issues and when using the 74T and adapting my swing to use more core muscles, I have the best direction and power from the paddle. It is indeed a winner on many fronts!

February 2024
Heritage 74T Blue
Got to break in the paddle last night.
The touch and feel of the paddle is great. A huge improvement over the (fairly) cheap one I already have.
Thank you for all of your help picking this out!
Rob B

Many thanks
Name: Richard
Paddle model: Heritage 74T
Please rate our paddle:5 - Absolutely Love it
Comments? :
I have been using the 74T paddle for about a month now, so now I feel I can give my true evaluation of this paddle. The first thing I noticed was I felt that the grip was little small so I overgriped it. The second thing I did after playing a few times was to add some additional weight to the top two corners which helped give me a little more control with the bangers that I play with. I was also somewhat concerned about generating some topspin because the paddle has no gritty feel to it, but after a month I find it generates the same amount of spin as my previous paddle. And finally after playing for a month I am finding that I have more control over my shots and my serve is stronger and more predictable. Great Paddle

January 2024
Brenda S
Heritage 74T Maple
I have been playing with this paddle about a week now and I am loving it. I originally ordered a different paddle. Chris gave me a call to discuss what I was looking for in a paddle. After discussing the two paddles and what I was looking for, he suggested the Heritage 74T. I agreed and it was a good choice. Chris was very helpful. Thanks, Chris. Great company/paddles and great customer service. Now on to improving my game.

Name: Gerry D
Paddle model: Heritage 74T
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it😍
The paddle is working great. I have no complaints, just appreciation.

Chris was personally involved in my online purchase via email and the phone, making sure my needs matched his recommended paddle.

I also appreciate that his company is local, as I live in SW Ontario, that he offered a discount incentive and that the covering is a natural material .

Name: Dan
Paddle model: Heritage 76T
Please rate our paddle: 4 - Super Amazing😃
Love the way the ball comes off this paddle, easy to hit both soft shots and hard drives. The only downside is the width which is less than other paddles. Still trying to get used to it

Name:Glenn H
Paddle model:Heritage 77T Carbon Fiber / Maple Hybrid Elongated
Please rate our paddle:5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
I purchased this paddle after looking for a Canadian made paddle, the reviews were great and I can confirm this is a great paddle, my wife liked it so much in order for me to play with it she bought her own. I’m in Alberta and the shipping was fast was playing with the paddle in a week after ordering it. Chris was fantastic to deal with! Definitely recommend Brickhouse for all your Pickleball needs!

Name: Hubertus
Paddle model:74T
Please rate our paddle:5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Love my Paddle. No more Excuses, now it’s up to me to improve my Game!
Thank you Brickhouse Paddles for a superior Product!

Name:Jeanette M
Paddle model:Heritage 74 T
Please rate our paddle:
5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
The design of this paddle provides great control, it is extremely lightweight and the grip is very comfortable! Love it!!

Name:Keri M
Paddle model: 76 T and 74 T
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
I purchased both these at the same time after speaking with Chris about what some of my immediate goals were which included: control, speed and spin. He was super helpful and after trying both of these out on indoor courts, I could immediately see how they are both great and yet different enough to justify needing both! I really love how pretty they are as well! ( the 74 is pink and the 76 is a gorgeous blue colour) The customer service of this company is amazing so if you really are not sure what you are looking for, just contact them and they will help you with that. Definitely check out Brickhouse Paddles if you are looking for both beauty and high quality in your new paddle!

November 2023

Name: Ken A, Kingston

Paddle model: Heritage 74T - Carbon Fiber Maple Hybrid Traditional - Dark Blue and Black
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
I spoke with Chris (owner) before ordering this paddle describing my playing style, level and what I was looking for in a paddle. He recommended the Heritage 74T-Carbon Fiber and wow, what a paddle. I love the responsiveness, consistency of play and the touch. The grip took a few games to get used to but now I am a big fan of the grip design. Love this paddle!

Name: Paolo M
Paddle model: Retro 86 T & Heritage 76 T
Please rate our paddle:5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Excellent paddles.
Best for:
-Quick net play
-Spin and Control
They look really sexy…
Florence, Italy

I just got the Heritage 74T and played two hours today. I had the perfect balance of power, control and hand speed. I play use the Retro 87 when I want to play a power game and I use the Heritage 76T when I need to be quick at the Non Volley Zone; the Heritage 74T takes the best of both these strengths and combine them in one paddle
Jim C, SC, USA

Name: John B
Paddle model: Heritage 74
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Comments?: Great feel and seemS to generate a lot more spin (than my old paddle).

Name: Rodney R
Paddle model:77T
Please rate our paddle: 4 - Super Amazing 😃
Great feel and control. Hard hitting when banging yet soft enough for short play! Amazing customer service from Brickhouse. I will definitely try more Brickhouse products.
Thanks Chris and Company.

Name: Jules K
Paddle model: Heritage 74T and 77T
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
When I first received the paddles I had only used them a few times. Now that I use them on a regular basis I can honestly rate them as a FIVE. Get great spin, very comfortable grip, nice weight and colourful graphics. Thank you Chris for creating such fantastic paddles without breaking the bank.

Name: Melanie W.
Paddle model: Heritage 74T
Please rate our paddle:5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Buy this paddle. I love it! Have only used it three times so far, but the balance, the feel of the impact, the grip, every livin' thing is wonderful. The maple veneer makes an amazing difference. Thank you to Chris, also, for excellent, responsive customer service!!

Name: Catalin
Paddle model: Heritage 76T
Please rate our paddle: 4 - Super Amazing 😃
Like anything else, it takes time to "break in" the paddle and the user, to see and feel the possibilities that the paddle offers. Because it has potential.
Now, after a few months, paddle feels good for my style of playing. The right amount of power and control. I wish it was capable of a tad more spin.
What is even better is the support I received from Chris & Co.
Thank you all.

October 2023
Paddle model: Heritage 74T
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Comments?: I have been playing with the Heritage 74T for a few weeks now and I love everything about it. I especially like that it is designed and manufactured in Canada.
It is a great looking paddle with a terrific feel. It is the perfect weight and balance for me and has helped my soft game without sacrificing any power.
The paddle is clearly made of high quality materials and I suspect that I will be enjoying it for a very long time.
Chris could not have been more helpful and pleasant to deal with. He responded to my emails promptly and made the process super easy. I received the paddle and the bonus performance t-shirt within 48 hours of placing the order.
In the past, I have played with more expensive paddles that were not made in Canada and I am thrilled to have found a reasonably priced paddle I love that was manufactured locally. I highly recommend Brick House paddles.
Perry D. Kingsville, On

Paddle model: 74T
Please rate our paddle:5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Comments?: Pick up the 74 T…….it just felt right,well balanced….loan it to my friend and he also loved it……1 week later he purchased one…….keep up the good work……PEOPLE you can’t go wrong with a Brickhouse paddle.
J.D. Ottawa

September 2023
Paddle model:
New heritage 74T

Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍

Been playing Pickleball for less than a year. Started out with a paddle from Amazon. As I got better I purchased a paddle in the 300 dollar range. Then I stumbled across brick house . So I purchased a heritage 77 for a great price . Enjoyed so much I purchased another one . My 3rd purchase from brickhouse was the new Heritage 74 T . These paddles are amazing . I have so much more control over my serve and great feel around the net. The prices are unbeatable for the quality they put into their paddles. Also great customer service. You need to give one a try.
Shawn V, Kingston Ontario

Jules Kay Kingsville Pickleball

Paddle model: Heritage 74T and 77T

Please rate our paddle: 3- Really Great

Comments?: I proudly own two paddles from this remarkable and unique company. Unique in the sense that no other company that I know of uses real wood veneer on their paddles. Although the surface is smooth I get a lot of spin. Brick House Paddles is also unique as their costumer service and attention to every detail are first class. I rated the paddles a 3 only because I recently purchased them and have used them a few times. I am sure over time my rating will likely be a 5. I like the power and the lite touch, for drops and dinks, each paddle gives me. I highly recommend the paddles from Brick House and look forward to any future developments. Great work Chris and company.
J.K. Kingsville, Ontario

Paddle model: Heritage 75

Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍

Comments: Love the extra length to give me more reach. Very comfortable in the hand and very lightweight.

I LOVE my Brickhouse Paddle!
Thanks for making an amazing product!!!
John A, Windsor, Ontario

Name: Kristina B, BC Canada
Paddle model: Heritage 77 T Powder Blue
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
I just love my new Brickhouse paddle. The control this paddle gives me is amazing and the fact I’m supporting a Canadian Company is even better. Oh and I love the colour!
Thank you Brickhouse!

August 2023
Heritage 77T
I’m still loving my 77T paddle. I switched back to my Engage Pursuit EX 6.0 graphite paddle for one day and then played with the new 77T and the difference was incredible. Way more control, power, and better feel with the 77T. Can’t imagine going back to the Engage now.
Eric B, Vancouver

Heritage 77T
I love the paddle, by the way. Dinking with it is a dream. It also has some good solid power too! The control for resets is excellent as well. Thank you!
Eric B, British Columbia

Can’t say enough about how we love these paddles. Wife fell in love with the blue heritage 75 so she gets a paddle and I get the shirt. Lol. Just a great company to deal with. Thanks again.
John D, Ontario

July 2023

Heritage 77T
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it😍
Just started using the paddle recently and love it. It seems to have a softer touch when striking the ball compared to my previous paddle. Love the look and feel. Customer service has been awesome!
D.T, MontgomeryTexas

Heritage 77T
Please rate our paddle:3- Really Great
Comments? Great paddle for me. Right size and great performance.
J.W. Ottawa Ontario

Paddle model: Heritage 77T Blue
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Have been playing pickleball since 2012. Since that time I have played with paddles from a number of different manufacturers. The Brick House Heritage 77T is one of the best paddles I have used. It is well balanced, has a very comfortable grip, great for an all around game for dinkers and smashers. Chris was kind enough to send some demo paddles for our membership to try. The pricing is very reasonable and with the club program that Brick House offers makes the paddles that much more affordable. I will continue to support and promote this company. Thank you Chris for creating top quality paddles.
JK, Kingsville, Ontario

Paddle model: Heritage 77T
Please rate our paddle: 3- Really Great
This paddle is working very well for me. Certainly glad to have bought it!
JR, Stittsville On

Retro 87 and Heritage 77T
Please rate our paddle
5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
I chose to comment on two paddles because I love them both. The 77T is particularly fast for serves and distance and the Retro 87 is just the best all round paddle. My students try the different paddles I have purchased to help them choose what is best for them. The Retro 87 is the most popular. The paddles are standing up beautifully. I could not be happier with the product! Chris is amazingly helpful and considerate, getting the paddles out quickly and in the most cost effective manner
LM BC Canada

Paddle model: 75/76T
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
This is a very nice and comfortable paddle, that is easy to use. I run weekly pickleball sessions and the participants absolutely love it. They also love the story behind the paddle and the idea of having something that is hand made and not mass produced. Thank you for creating such an authentic product.
Joel A, UK

Paddle model: Retro 85
Please rate our paddle: 5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Love this paddle,4 of my friends have also purchased them and not 1 bad review,,,,,,also they have the best customer service…
JD Ottawa, On

Thanks for the great product. (Heritage 77T)Only used twice so far, as I just recieved it on July 07. I love the feel of it and let a few of my fellow players take it for a spin.
They sure liked the looks and feel of this paddle. Also liked that it's a Canadian made product.
Daniel L
Ontario, CA

June 2023
Retro 87
Please rate our paddle
5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
I am brand new to Pickle Ball and got some great advice on paddle purchase from a friend who is a veteran player of 8 years. She told me about the Brick House paddles and she had me at "They use a natural wood playing surface, and are hand made right here in Ontario". I had just gone to Sport Chek that same fateful day and bought a Head paddle. I did not know which one to buy and the staff person's only advice was "pick the price you want to pay because all the paddles are the same". After a conversation later that day with my friend, I promptly returned to paddle and called Chris at Brick House. What a pleasant experience that was! I learned all about paddle construction and the advantages of using wood in a paddle. Chris helped me make the right choice for me. My paddle arrived in just a few days, along with a great t-shirt that I wear proudly. As a beginner player, I have a long way to go to appreciate all the potential of my amazing paddle, but I just love it. It is light, nimble and quick. And I like the sound of the ball rebounding off the beautiful cherry wood. Oh, and it looks beautiful, and it even smells beautiful. Thank you Chris for this awesome Made in Canada paddle!
MG, Barrie, ON.

May 2023
Good afternoon Chris, I bought the Heritage carbon fiber paddle from you this weekend in Stratford. Just want to let you know I have used it for about 4 hours of play and I love it. My previous paddle was a H&$# Radical Pro, this is so much better, also glad to have a locally made one, cheers
Paul G, Ayr, ON

Retro 87 100% Canadian
Hi Chris
Just wanted to thank you for the new paddle. Some friends came to our court today to play and it was a big hit. Pretty sure you have some orders coming your way! They loved the look and feel of it.
Thanks again
Trish, Tiny ON

Retro 87.
the paddle attracts a lot of attention and I've allowed (6) folks to play a game or two with it in the last few weeks. They seem amazed that I would let them do so.
I explain that I initially purchased it for nostalgic and aesthetic reasons (my first Tennis racquet was an (all-wood) Dunlop Max-Ply), and that I wanted to support local entrepreneurs. That having been said, it turns out to be a light and responsive paddle that I really enjoy using!
Dave S. Toronto, Ontario

April 2023
I love 🥰 my Brick House paddle and I play and teach at least 4 times a week. I really like the square handle
Pat M, London, On

I am loving my Retro 87 paddle. I am so thrilled that it is actually designed and made in Canada and it is a fantastic paddle. Win, win!!!
Carol W, Milk River AB

March 2023
Retro 87
I bought this paddle 2 months ago and I'm loving it. The Retro 87 has helped my game out from using my original head racket. By far a better paddle then anything else I have bought or used yet.
Will definitely buy again.
Thanks BrickHouse paddles.
Greg from St Williams, Ont

Retro 87.
i’m very impress with the control at the net. Also this paddel has lots of power and I find it easy to place the ball where I want. I have to tell you that many people are asking me about your paddels and your company, and never know maybe I can convince my wife to change her H**& paddle for a new Brick house paddle.
Michel B, Quebec

4 - Super Amazing
Finally got to the use the Heritage 77 paddle that you sent me. Previously I have played with a Wilson paddle with a nomex core. A different sound coming of the your paddle and not as "lively" which I like. I did put a wrap of protection tape on the edge guard.
I like the feel of and shape of the handle and it is also long enough to comfortably use a two handed backhand.
Since I am strictly a "recreational" player I probably did not give it the ultimate test.
Dale H.
Napanee, Ontario

February 2023

I liked the Heritage 77 a lot. It seemed to have a dependable consistency to it. It was powerful but balanced. I never felt it was too little or too much. I could play a soft game with it and a hard game. It was responsive and seemed well disciplined. I think it will have a strong start for those who are new to the sport

5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
I did not know much about pickleball before i started playing this year, but having a great paddle is key to controlling shots and learning how to hit the ball. My game really improved after getting a "real" paddle after using the using the big box store paddles to begin with!
Highly recommend you research and review the information on the brickhouse website - improve your game and enjoyment!
Bruce M, King City, ON

Please rate our paddle:
5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
Purchased a Rt65 a couple of weeks ago and am just amazed at the looks quality and the way this paddle plays. So much I just received the new rt87 for my wife. The looks and quality are superb and we will let you know how it plays down the road. Love how easy to purchase and the quick shipping time. Thanks again for making these great looking paddles and in Canada
John D,
Strathroy, Ontario

January 2023
5 - Absolutely Love it 😍
My hubby and I had the pleasure of meeting with Chris and learning about his method for making the paddles. We purchased a Heritage 75 and a Retro 87, both great paddles that are getting used at least 4-5 times a week. Love recommending to others as they are unique and well made. Can’t wait for the heritage 77 as it’s on my list for next purchase.
Michelle B

Brick House Paddles (RETRO 65T). Loved it. Spins the ball well and is very light and comfortable. Problem is it is so nice looking I don't want to use it and ruin it. lol
Ian C
London, Ontario

November 2022
Got my Brickhouse last weekend and I can Truthfully say it performs as good as it looks. And the folks at Brickhouse are marvelous, courteous, and knowledgeable about the game and their products.
Bob W, TN

Someone once referred to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as a rolling piece of art. Your paddles are beautiful works of art! They look great in pics, but they're even more amazing in person!!
Andrew Evans aka. The Pickleball Librarian.

I’ve now used my 87 half a dozen times, but that's more than enough to tell you that I love it! It's so smooth and powerful that it takes much less effort to hit drives and overheads, and my usually achy shoulder is much less irritated than normal.
GW. Ancaster

October 2022

4 stars - super amazing
Have played with my new Retro 87 for three days. I love the grip and the longer handle length. The body is narrower than my previous paddle; this was a concern but it's had no affect on my play and the slightly longer face seems to help. It responds well to all aspects of my game. Friends say you need carbon to spin, but this paddle does everything well
JC South Carolina

Re: Retro 87
Played my first games at my ladder league tonight. I found it had more control than my 65 when dinking and with a heavier head weight for deeper serves and harder smashes.
The added length is great too as when rallies got really fast that extra centimeter can make all the difference in the world.
I still have to get used to it as it handles ever so slightly differently compared to the 65, but I can tell you, I like it!
TM Ottawa

September 2022
Re: Heritage 75
Afternoon Chris - 1st experience with the Paddle……….NICE! Very comfortable, while quick and crisp. GREAT PADDLE - BRAVO BRICKHOUSE!
Gary - Greenville, NC, USA

August 2022
Hi Chris. About your new 87 paddle, EXTRAORDINARY!! The weight is perfect. The handle, although seems as long as the Heritage, feels more comfortable and has a plush grip. In all of my years of playing I have never found such a capable paddle. It has power that is reserved in the waiting for when it is needed. It is responsive and seems to have an artificial intelligence that is brought forward upon request. It offers direction like no other paddle I have seen. It is exceptional for both deep serves, returns, groundstrokes and dinking. I used it for the first time last night and I was amazed. I have a two hour lesson today and cannot wait to use it. It is truly a fabulous piece of engineering and design. I am thrilled to have it in my box of paddles for new players to try and to order. It really is an exceptional piece of work.
L.M British Columbia

August 2022
I have used and tested many brand name pickle ball paddles. I am not sure why anyone would purchase an out of country made paddle and pay for the logo, duty and US exchange when the best paddle is made here in Canada.
D.M Collingwood On

June 2022
I cant wait until the Heritage is approved, people are blown away with what I can do with that paddle.
JM Niagara

June 2022
In response to our post on paddle width.

I can attest to the performance. After a few sessions using the 86T I'm impressed with my speed and control. Third shot drops are more consistent and "near the top" shots are more likely to clear the net. Size matters in some things but not all things.
JH. Toronto.

May 2022
Hi Chris, We love our new Heritage paddles and got to try them out against each other today. We ‘re so glad we made the trip to St. Mary’s. It was great meeting you and we appreciate all the time you spent explaining the paddles to us, letting us try the different models out and making sure we got the paddles that would work best for us. Thanks again

April 2022
I've only seen paddles for sale made in the %-+&$-$&+#, so it's great to see a local Ontario pickleball paddle maker. I have and love the Heritage 75 paddle (non-sponsored!) & wish you and the company all the best!

March 2022
I loved the feel and grip of the Retro 65 paddle. It is so important that I get a good quality grip and that’s not something you get with a lot of other companies.
ML Brockville

January 2022
re: Heritage 75
Used the paddle 3 times now. Like it alot. Love the feel and soft touch it gives me. Thanks again for such a nice work of art and technical precision. Had a few inquiries about where I purchased it. Hope they lead to more business
RD, Ontario

December 2021
One of our customers cracked the trim on his paddle so we sent him replacement trim.
“Hi Chris,
After watching your video, it was unbelievably easy. Looks great! We will save the extra trim for later. We are still enjoying our 65 and 85 paddles. I switched back to my Pla#ers paddle one night because it was extremely damp out and I didn't want to ruin my Brick House paddle, I could not believe how much it seemed like I was playing with a piece of lumber. I used to love that paddle before I got my Brick House.
Thank you for your awesome customer service. Happy holidays to you and yours and all the best for 2021”
G&C F, Vancouver,BC

Had to sneak my Retro 85T Cherry out to play before my wife wraps it and puts under the Christmas tree. Initial thoughts on taking it out of the box were that it is well made. Grip size was perfect and very soft. The look of the wood is beautiful. The paddle is light and very well balanced.
During play I was pleased with the power. I have been using a Prokennex paddle which I think has good power but the T85 is It's equal there. I did find that there was less spin than my other paddle. I still got a lot of spin with the T85 which was surprising because of the smooth face . What little I lost in spin was more than made up for in touch and feel at NVZ. I have never hit better dinks or drops than I did today.
I'll admit I asked for the T85 for Christmas because it looked cool and it's unique but I am extremely happy that it plays as good as it looks!
p.s. I got the lighter model intending to add lead tape to it like my other paddle. I tend to have the paddle twist in my hand on miss hits and hurt my wrist sometimes. Lead tape on my other paddles have helped but it's probably an issue with my grip. The T85 never twisted in my hand. So either I didn't miss hit any(doubtful) or the T85 does a better job absorbing miss hits.
Dave R, Ohio

November 2021
I have played with the Brick House Paddles Retro 65 T USAPA Approved - Purple People Eater grip size 4-4.125 for the summer outside season. I have grown to appreciate the solid construction of the paddle and how it feels in my hand. When the pickleball hits the surface of the paddle the deep sounds are welcomed and very different from my former paddle that is tinny.

Due to the slightly smaller face of the paddle than my other paddle, it has improved my skills in movement on court and tracking the ball. I have built up my play and confidence and have begun to play with the advanced players.
BM, Ottawa Canada

October 2021
I've tried most of the Canadian paddles now (Brick*House, Apex, Manta, and Combat). I like a few things about the Brick*House that make it stand out over the others:

- The wood is delightful pretty, a nice change from the goofy graphics prevalent in most of the industry.
- It is narrow in shape with a generous sweet spot, it reminds me of a table tennis paddle in some ways. I find it very easy to move quickly and prefer it for my indoor games over any other paddle.
- As the face is wearing, I'm finding that the surface is getting tackier and I'm able to generate ample amounts of spin.
- The grip shape is fantastic and leaves me feeling in control.

It also feels great to brag about having a paddle manufactured in Canada -- that's not very common and for less than twice the price of something you can get at a big box store!

I look forward to future Brick*House paddle shapes.

Ted M, Ottawa Canada

October 2021
I am impressed with both its looks and I
noticed a difference in the short game. Dinking has been one of my
weaker points, though I have many, and the paddle seems to work better
for me with the dinking. Do not know why. I would rate myself as a 3
to 3.5 level player, I do not have the skill or talent to distinguish
the difference between my previous paddle or the Bad Ash with the
longer shots. The handle does feel really good with good gripping
power when needed. I am proud to use a paddle with some real wood in
its construction.
Keep up the good work'
Bruce. S, British Columbia

September 2021
I've been playing with my Retro 85T for a few months now and I quite like it. I'm around a 4.0 player and had been using a Paddletek Helo. I thought I'd try a shorter paddle and force myself to find a little extra quickness and accuracy at the net. My game does feel better and I'm, also, happy with the power of the Retro 85T. Of course, everyone comments on the beauty of the paddle, so that's a plus too.
Greg D, Minnesota

August 2021
From what I have seen I believe the Brick House Retro 65 paddle quality and build is first rate and I am sure it is on the 85 model as well. There is a good story to sell it with, wood and truly Canadian made. Plus the paddle plays solid and sets itself apart from a lot of the other paddles.
(Retail partner eastern Ontario)

August 2021
Just played games three games n won all so far. Really loving the 65 paddle, its like automatic to me it s doing the work I can actually close my eyes playing lol
PB, New York, New York

July 2021
My old paddle was pretty beat up so needed a new one. I wanted something manufactured in Canada. I found Brickhouse in a search. I decided on the Retro 85T. It was the weight I wanted and the look of the paddle is great. So we stopped in St. Mary’s on one of our road trips and fortunately Chris had one available.
I’ve played with it now several times. The weight is right on for me. You can tell from the deep thunk and the feel when contact is made with the ball that the construction is superb. Several of the people I play with have tried it out and all are as impressed as I am with it.
I’m pretty hard on my paddles. They get pretty chewed up after about a year. When I do that to this 85T I can guarantee I’ll be going back for another one.
GP - St Thomas, Canada

May 2021
Our Tuesday morning play was rained out and the guys suggested we play Thursday. So yesterday I put the Retro 85T to the test. I am going to be using one of the 85T’s as the demo paddle for folks to try.
OMG!!...I am very excited about this 85T paddle. An all around great paddle for feel,touch and “pop” when needed. I must say you are on to something here. I will be tying it again this coming Tuesday when the guys come again. I will give you more feedback then.
Right now thou it has become my paddle of choice.
Thanks for getting me onboard with you guys, can’t wait to get out and around so others can be introduced to your paddles.
Bob - Goderich, Canada

April 2021
The paddle has a very solid sweet spot and the ball pops off of it with great strength.  I noticed that the vibrations of the ball hitting the paddle face is dampened - there are players who like this dampened feel and others who appreciate that extra connection of the paddle to the hand. As for the balance of the paddle during singles I found the balance provides a very satisfactory swing speed. My ground strokes were clean and accurate.
SM - Toronto, Canada

June 2021
I really like the balance and weight of the paddle.
Andy T - Kitchener

April 2021
We used our new 65T today and loved it! So much control and accuracy
Jane D - Vernon BC

April 2021
I LOVE my purple paddle! It really improved my game! The paddle weight and medium grip (I opted for this) works really well for me. My husband has a blue paddle and requested it to be a little more on the heavier side for all of the outdoor play that we have been doing during the pandemic. He loves it so much and ordered a cherry one with a lighter weight for indoor play. These are quality hand made paddles yet carefully crafted to meet regulation requirements. Buy one–you will not be disappointed!
PB - St Marys, On

May 2021
I love my Awesome Orange Retro 65T paddle. Very solid feel, good control, power and touch. Looks amazing too. Great job Brick House Paddles and the website is great.
Brian - St Marys, On

May 2021
I absolutely love my Brickhouse (Retro 65) paddle. The colour is perfect. I would highly recommend this paddle for both beginners and experienced players. The weight makes it easy to handle, yet it’s heavy enough to make those hard shots when necessary. Every pickleball player should have one of these paddles in their collection.
Barb N,St Marys, On

Received my (Retro 65)paddle yesterday. Very impressed with appearance, even better than pictures. Seems to play well. Nice weight. Don’t think I will be the only one on our court with one of these for long.
Calgary, Canada

July 2021
Couldn’t be happier. When I first got my paddle I found the grip was to large. A week later the folks at Brickhouse followed up on my paddle and I mentioned the grip. They asked me to send it back, modified the grip for me no charge, and sent it back. Now that’s service. Paddle is great too

March 2021
I have 2 of these babies, “one for each hand” I have become unbeatable”🤣. Seriously, I have noticed a marked improvement in the control of my shots particularly with the long shot. I recommend these paddles.
Dave B- Stratford

June 2021
l ordered the 65T retro, only took 2days to get. A well made and good looking paddle, played with it today.I never really had to get used to it, l like it a lot and would buy from them again.Thank you guys   

I saw your face book page and thought I would try out your Retro 65 T paddle this week. I am currently using a Selkirk Invikta Mid Weight. I am a 3.5- 4.0 player playing both recreational and tournament play. I played for 3 hours with the 65 T that I picked up at Courtside sports in Victoria to demo.
I liked the idea it was made in Canada and also the wood face. This paddle felt very solid and along with a soft touch at the net during dinking. It tookme a little time to adjust to the power when hitting deep shots but you could feel the wood played a factor in that, once it I did it felt great.
The only wish would be if you could develop a longer version like the Invikta , I find the extra length does give an advantage in Singles and Tournament play.
With the quality and price point of of the 65T I would recommend it to all recreational players for sure
Peter K - Victoria BC

I have used and tested many brand name pickle ball paddles. I am not sure why anyone would purchase an out of country made paddle and pay for the logo, duty and US exchange when the best paddle is made here in Canada.
D.M Collingwood On