About us

Brick*House Paddles is a family owned Canadian sporting goods manufacturer with a huge passion for pickleball and true love for enhancing the natural beauty of wood.

We are dedicated to producing hybrid composite/honeycomb core paddles with a natural wood playing surface to provide our customers the ultimate in a performance paddle.

There are easier ways to make a paddle but the wood playing surface provides unique advantages including natural vibration and noise dampening, a more comfortable feel, an amazing look and a killer sweet spot.

With a small team of dedicated craftsmen each paddle is meticulously produced in house start to finish. This gives us complete control over the quality and design of our paddles. From precision placed laminate for a powerful sweet spot, to an internally reinforced handle for less handle flex every paddle is built to provide the ultimate in performance.

Contact us:

Brick*House Paddles

St Marys, Ontario, Canada


Facebook: @brickhousepaddles

Office: 647 812 – 1031