About Brick House Paddles

We are pickleball enthusiasts and players. Like most, when we started playing, we were hooked. Thanks to a series of fotunate events and with the support and encouragement of friends and family, we began manufacturing pickleball paddles in 2020.

At the time COVID was taking a toll on many local businesses, and so from our beginning, we made the commitment to manufacture our paddles 100% in-house and source all our materials locally. This approach not only provides us with complete control over our product development, design, and paddle quality, but also importantly, it allows us to support other local businesses.

We take pride in what we create, and we do it well. Our paddles aren’t for everyone, and we’re okay with that. We don’t want to be in a commodity business that has to churn out thousands of paddles a month. Personal experience has taught us, that’s no fun.

We value our flexibility, enabling us to continually create and experiment with new paddles to ensure we produce something special for customers who appreciate our craftsmanship.

For us, it’s about leaving the daily grind behind and focusing on creating something of value that we can be proud of every time we step onto the court.

Keep it real

Slang: To remain honest, genuine, and authentic; to be true to oneself.

Contact us:

Brick*House Paddles, St Marys, Ontario, Canada

Sales@brickhousepaddles.com, Facebook: @brickhousepaddles

Office: 647 812 – 1031