About us

Brick*House Paddles is a family owned business with a huge passion for pickleball and a love for the natural beauty of wood.

We are dedicated to producing hybrid fibreglass and carbon fiber composite paddles with a natural wood playing surface.

There are easier ways to make a paddle but the wood playing surface provides unique advantages including natural vibration and noise dampening, a more comfortable feel, and amazing look.

With a small team of dedicated craftsmen each paddle is meticulously produced in house, in St Marys Ontario, 100% start to finish. This gives us complete control over the quality and design of our paddles. From precision placed laminate for a powerful sweet spot, to an internally reinforced handle for less handle flex.

Every paddle is built to provide durability and performance whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned player.

Contact us:

Brick*House Paddles

St Marys, Ontario, Canada


Facebook: @brickhousepaddles

Office: 647 812 – 1031