RETRO 87 Special Edition


We are offering a limited number of hand picked RETRO 87 paddles. These paddle are chosen for their unique color and grain pattern. We have moved the graphics to the side to really show the beauty of the natural wood.

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The next available date for Special Edition Paddles is expected to be early May 2023.
Our friend Chris always gets us some of the best veneers and there is always something special about each sheet he meticulously picks for us.
The wood for the Special Editions was no exception. I was blown away by the grain patterns and the rich and unique underlying red tones you don’t see very often and I had to do something special with it.
So,I hand picked 10 of most beautifully coloured and figured paddles and made them special editions. Our paddles are always works of art, but these are exceptional.
We will be offering a limited number of only the finest hand picked cherry wood paddles as Special Editions on an as available basis only. Preorders are available.
Sure, we could make straight composite paddles. It would be way easier, but nobody ever put their coffee down to admire a straight composite paddle.
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