We know our customers and we focus our design efforts on putting them first. It’s not about how fast we can build a paddle or how to cut costs. It’s about crafting the best paddles possible so our customers can focus on their passion and achieve their potential .

There really is nothing better than the feel and natural beauty of wood combined with the performance of a well engineered composite. This is why we specialize in manufacturing hybrid paddles with a natural wood playing surface and composite/honeycomb substructure. There are easier ways to make a paddle but the result just isn’t the same.

Our design naturally dampens vibration giving our paddles an extremely solid and comfortable feel while helping reduce fatigue and relieving stresses on the wrist, elbow and shoulder. Our paddles definitely have a feel you just can’t get with a straight composite paddle.

Every one of our paddles is meticulously hand crafted to provide everything expected in a premium paddle that brings out the best in our customers. Balance, feel, control, durability and solid power while the natural wood playing surface ensures the paddle is as individual as the player.

Whether you are new to the sport or looking to bring your game up to the next level, a Brick House paddle is a great start.

Brick*House paddles are 100% designed and made in Canada for players who demand more than the ordinary in a paddle.


Carbon fiber

Don’t let the natural maple wood playing surface fool you. This paddle is carbon fiber and plays like it, minus the harsh vibration. If you want the performance of a carbon fiber paddle but want a softer feel that is easier to play, this is your paddle.

This paddle was designed specifically for players looking for more from a paddle. The Heritage 75 gives just that, more power, more reach, more agility and more comfort.

We started with a blank slate, without worrying about how many paddles we could cut out of a sheet, without putting production efficiency first, without worrying about how much labour it takes to finish the paddle out.

It took over 8 months of development, 100’s of adjustments and refinements, 30+ prototypes, and close to 1000 hours of testing to achieve the perfect head weight, paddle balance, size, shape and feel.

This is such a well rounded paddle it is excellent for just about any player beginner to advanced looking to play better and play more.


The Brick*House RETRO 65T is a hybrid composite paddle comprised of a natural ash wood playing surface, structural fiberglass and a polypropylene honeycomb core. This combination gives our paddles a large sweet spot, lots of pop and great control.

This paddle plays just a bit stiffer than the Retro 85T cherry and averages about .02oz heavier.

The RETRO 65T paddle is designed for players at any level, its USAPA approved and available in a natural finish or one of 5 beautiful colours.

This is an extremely comfortable paddle to play so you can not only play better but, play more.


The RETRO 85T has a very comfortable feel to it and is the same shape and size as the 65T except the playing surface is a beautiful natural cherry wood. The 85T averages approximately .2oz less than the 65T and plays slightly softer due to the nature of the wood.

It is an excellent choice for players looking for a paddle to play for hours at a time. The natural properties of the wood playing surface really help mitigate vibration and the weight and balance are perfect for those looking to play a lot.

This is a great paddle for indoor or outdoor play and is USAPA approved.

Brick House Paddles Retro 86T


This paddle is similar to our Retro 85T except it’s longer with more power at the head.

Longer paddles are great for a little extra reach- when you need it. For some its when playing a lot of singles, for others its when they don’t move quite as fast on the court as they might like.

We made and tested a dozen different versions of size and shape. Wider paddles at 7.25″ and even 7.5″ didn’t have the same feel. Time and time again almost everyone migrated back to the narrower 7″ paddles.

The length provides  extra reach when you need it along with optimal performance and power anywhere on the court. The narrow profile gives the paddle amazing speed and the extra agility to help create legendary saves and memorable games.

This is one exceptional paddle, designed and manufactured to help you play better and play more.

Jr Pro Youth Paddle

The Jr Pro is designed specifically for younger players who need an appropriately sized, weighted and balanced paddle to quickly bring out the confidence required to have fun and stay focused while developing basic skills.

These are not just a scaled down version of a standard paddle. The Jr Pro was designed from scratch to address all the issues Jr players have when attempting to learn an amazing new sport. On average these paddles are perfect for players 4 to 9.

We build a great paddles so your family can build great memories.