We don’t mass produce thousands of paddles a month. That is not our objective. Our focus is to manufacture paddles that provide players something that goes well beyond the ordinary in terms of performance, function and value.

The first time you pick up a Brick House paddle you’ll know there is something different about it. Something that true craftsmanship and a dedication to quality delivers.


Every one of our paddles is meticulously hand crafted to provide balance, feel, control, durability and solid power while the natural wood playing surface ensures the paddle is as individual as the player.

Our paddles start with a fiberglass or carbon fiber base and a high density polypropylene honeycomb core. We then integrate a natural wood playing surface to enhance the paddle performance, look and feel.

There are easier ways to make a paddle but we believe there really is nothing better than the feel and beauty of real wood when combined with the performance of a well engineered composite.

Brick*House paddles are 100% designed and manufactured in Canada for players at any level who want more than the ordinary in a paddle..

Why use wood in a pickleball paddle?

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