Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador program is for players who are already familiar with our paddles, are huge fans and want to share the love with fellow players. If you would like to be one of our ambassadors you should already have at least one of our paddles prior to applying to the program.

Coach/Clinic Program

New players love our paddles and we love supporting local programs and new player development. We put a lot of effort into working with coaches and instructors and in return we do expect full support in promoting our paddles and brand.

We have a generous purchase program to get you started. You can order as many paddles for your program as you like with a valid credit card which will be kept on file. However, if after 60 days referral sales have not met our agreed upon expectations, you may be billed for the cost of the paddles ordered for your program, less any referred sale credits.

If you are a coach, teacher or run clinics we would love to have you onboard and supporting our paddles. Please reach out for more details.

Courtside Sales

We offer a court side sales program for those that are interested in retailing our paddles through their local club. This can be a great way to suppliment your income and support a great paddle company at the same time. Please contact us for details.

We thank you for your interest in our programs. We truly appreciate your enthusiasm for our products and will review your request as soon as possible.