Ambassador Program

If you love our paddles and are talking them up with other players, we would like to thank you. To do this we launched the Ambassador Program. When registered you can use it for an immediate discount on any paddle you purchase and you earn points for future product.

For every paddle sale that is registered to you, you receive 10 paddle points. When you hit 80 points, we send you a free Retro65 paddle of your choice.

How does it work?

Register with us and let us know what pickleball association you belong to and we will send you a Brick*House Ambassador number.

You can use that number as a discount code to purchase a paddle and receive 10% off your first purchase.

When someone from your association wants a Brick*House paddle, give them your number.

We give them 10% off, and you 10 points.

When you reach 80 points we will send you an email asking what paddle you would like. That simple.

Not only do you get paddle points but we will be expanding our program to clothes, balls, bags, mugs etc, via our swag shop giving you more options for using your points.

To register, follow the link below, it takes less than a minute and thank you for becoming a Brick*House Paddle Ambassador.