While every one else is rushing to be different , we are taking our time to be original.

When designing our paddles, we believe there is nothing better than the strength, beauty and feel of natural wood when combined with the performance of a superbly engineered composite. There are easier ways to manufacture a paddle but this is why Brick*House specialize in handcrafting fiberglass and carbon fiber paddles with a natural wood playing surface.

The first time you pick up a Brick House paddle you’ll know there is something different about it. Something that true craftsmanship and a dedication to quality delivers. 

Right away the paddle feels rich and solid. The balanced handle shape fits comfortably and snugly into your hand, making it easy to adjust the paddle angle with precision and confidence.

You will admire the beauty of the natural grain and the patterns that make each paddle unique. Running your hand over the playing surface you find it smooth, but you know by the feel it will generate consistent spin over the life of the paddle.

The first time you make contact with the ball, our paddles will instill your confidence and put a smile on your face that comes from knowing you purchased a paddle of true quality.

Slang: To remain honest, genuine, and authentic; to be true to oneself

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Starting with a polypropylene honeycomb core, everyone of our paddles is meticulously built to bring out the best in a player. The composite design provides everything you expect from a well balanced high performance paddle. Great feel, amazing control, and solid power while the natural wood playing surface dampens vibration making our paddles quiet, amazingly comfortable to play and ensures your paddle is as individual as you.

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