We make great paddles, nature makes them amazing.

For us there is nothing better than the strength and natural beauty of wood combined with the performance of a superbly engineered composite. Which is why Brick*House Paddles specialize in manufacturing hybrid paddles with a natural wood playing surface over a composite/honeycomb substructure.

Everyone of our paddles is meticulously crafted to bring out the best in a player. The composite design provides everything you expect from a well balanced high performance paddle. Great feel, amazing control, and solid power while the natural wood playing surface ensures your paddle is as individual as you.

The wood surface is not all about looks. As a structural component it helps dampen harsh vibrations from ball contact making our paddles extremely comfortable to play.

Our paddles are 100% manufactured in Canada, USAPA approved, and designed for players of all levels looking for something special in a paddle.

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Play Better, Play More.

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