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Brick House Paddles is about the perfect synergy of craftsmanship and performance in 100% Canadian made pickleball paddles.

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Why Choose Brick House Paddles?

1. Manufacturing Excellence: Since our inception in 2020, our commitment to 100% in-house manufacturing ensures attention to detail and the utilization of only the best materials to produce paddles of unmatched quality and value.

2. Design Balance: Our paddles are a meticulous blend of natural wood and advanced compoOur paddles are a meticulous blend of natural wood and advanced composite materials chosen for specific performance characteristics, which are then expertly crafted to deliver unequalled precision and performance.site materials chosen for specific performance characteristics that are then expertly crafted to deliver unequalled precision and performance.

3. Quality and value: Through careful design and production techniques, we create paddles that deliver not only high-quality performance but also proven long-lasting value.

4. Material Benefits: Our seamless integration of natural wood with fiberglass or carbon fiber delivers paddles that excel in vibration dampening, control, and sound mitigation while maintaining a perfect balance for comfort and agility. There are much easier and less expensive ways to make paddles, but none provide the same feel and performance. If our hybrid paddles didn’t provide superior performance, we’d make paddles like everyone else.

5. Exceptional Playability: Pickleball is about more than one shot, and having a well-rounded paddle is key to winning more games. Our design and manufacturing processes specifically set out to balance paddle performance for all aspects of the game. Paddle performance that balances control, weight, and power to provide a playing experience that instills confidence in every shot, whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out.

6. Craftsmanship Meets Performance: Our fusion of traditional and modern materials speaks to players who value true craftsmanship and the performance and beauty derived from the attention to detail.

7. Environmentally Centred: Our paddle manufacturing process centres on mitigating our environmental impact by designing to reduce resins and sacrificial waste materials while ensuring our paddles can be repaired and refurbished rather than replaced.

Brick House Paddles Heritage 74T, 100% made in Canada

Just starting or an experienced player, we guarantee you’ll love our paddles. Click on the image to visit our paddle pages.

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