Heritage 77 Carbon Fiber


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This Heritage 77 is an excellent paddle for both power and control.

We took all the great features of our 87 and gave it a carbon fiber substructure for less pop, more control and a stiffer feel.

The elongated design along with the 12mm core gives this paddle great power while the carbon fiber adds stiffness and enhances the sweet spot.

The hybrid maple playing surface, longer handle and the naturally high surface coefficient of friction of our finish, means this paddle is capable of generating consistent spin over the life of the paddle.

We chose a natural maple playing surface for the 77 to help dampen vibration and give the paddle a softer feel than a straight carbon fiber paddle. This along with the paddles weight and balance helps make it an extremely comfortable paddle to play for hours at a time.

Like all our paddles the handle on the 77 is shaped to provide a super comfortable feel and allow for easy precise and secure adjustment of the paddle position for increased accuracy.

This paddle is suited to slightly more advanced and determined players that can generate their own power to drive the ball and who are at the level where precision is important.

What our customers say:

What our customers say

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