What is a quite pickleball paddle?

What Constitutes a Green-Zone Approved Pickleball Paddle?

A quiet pickleball paddle or a Green-Zone approved pickleball paddle is one that has successfully undergone the rigorous noise assessment conducted at the Sun City Grand Pickleball Club. This evaluation was developed by the Board of Directors at the Sun City Grand Pickleball Courts, who designed a comprehensive test to rank paddles based on the level of noise they generate.

This evaluation categorizes paddles into three distinct groups: green, yellow, or red. Paddles designated as “red” are prohibited from use on SCG PB Courts and by many other organizations following similar noise guidelines. Paddles in the “yellow” category are at risk of being banned in the future, prompting the SCG to discourage the purchase of Yellow-Zone paddles. In contrast, Green-Zone paddles have successfully passed the acceptable sound testing, granting them approval for use on SCG courts.

This testing and approval has become the go to standard for communities and clubs right across North America,