The Spin is Gone Baby

“Brick House: Less spin, more paddle”.

Like the iconic BB King song: ‘The spin is gone, the spin has gone away.’ Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but it is a great song.

When the textured surface on a paddle is worn or gone, that paddle has lost its ability to spin the ball effectively.

If you bought the paddle specifically for spin, it’s time to replace it, even if it’s only a few weeks or months old.

Interested in a longer-lasting option? Choose Brick House. We use a high-friction surface to generate spin that doesn’t wear off and is guaranteed for the life of the paddle.

Our paddles may not generate record breaking spin right out of the box, but they consistently deliver competitive spin over the life of the paddle.

You might not spin the fastest at first, but you will spin consistently, longer, and with more money in your pocket.