Retro 86 vs. Heritage 75

Both paddles are shaped for agility and reach and utilize a high density core.  The Retro 86 uses a fiberglass base under a cherry wood playing surface while the Heritage uses a carbon fiber base under a maple playing surface. Combinations specifically chosen to impart unique characteristics in each paddle.

The 86 is slightly lighter and has more pop. Fiberglass is not as stiff as carbon fiber and has more spring to it. This takes the energy from the ball and transfers it right back giving the paddle more power. This is a very nice paddle if you are not a big hitter and need help generating more power.

The 86 uses a different finish than the Heritage which by nature has a slightly higher coefficient of friction. This combined with the fiberglass substructure gives the paddle a bit of an edge over the Heritage when it comes to spin.

This is a great paddle for those who want to generate a little more power and are confident in their drops and resets.

The Heritage 75 runs a maple playing surface with a carbon fiber base. Carbon fiber is known for having more feel than fiberglass, but slightly less power. Carbon fiber is very stiff so the energy of the ball at impact tends to spread throughout the entire paddle face and absorb some of the reactive energy.

Carbon fiber paddles can have a very hard feel to them, however the natural maple playing surface of the Heritage gives the paddle a very solid but soft feel and makes the paddle more forgiving. This is a great paddle for players looking for more control with good power.