RETRO 87 Cherry Hybrid Elongated

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  • Monogrammed overgrip
  • Custom vinyl name
  • Paddle cover
  • Overgrip

These paddles have it all. Lighter weight, softer touch, solid power and great control.

We gave this new 87 a fresh look and a new even more comfortable handle shape.

The combination of cherry wood and fiberglass in this paddle provides an exceptionally comfortable feel, offering great pop for players seeking added power while maintaining superb control with a soft touch.

The surface finish, combined with the cherry wood playing surface in our Retro series, generates significant spin without the need for additional textures. While other paddles may feature applied textures for immediate spin, they often deteriorate quickly. Our dedication to quality prioritizes durability over short-term advantages, ensuring long-term performance.

The Retro 87 paddle is an outstanding all-around choice, suitable for beginners and players up to approximately a 4.0 skill level.

If you’re seeking something truly distinctive to set you apart from the crowd, the RETRO series is an excellent choice.

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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 4 in

All Canadian, Big Blue B, Coffee Brown, Retro Torquios, Special Edition

2 reviews for RETRO 87 Cherry Hybrid Elongated

  1. Christopher Wybrow

    A beautiful looking and well balanced paddle. My Retro 87 gives me great control of the ball and feels very comfortable. I think it’s help to bring my game to a new and improved performance. Thank you Brickhouse!

  2. Dave Shep

    I purchased my Brick House RETRO 87 Special Edition (Fiberglass / Cherry Hybrid Elongated) paddle just over a year ago and am still delighted with it! It’s striking in appearance and gets lots of admiring comments. Needless to say, a pretty paddle that does not perform as well as it looks is not a good choice, but this paddle lives up to it’s looks, with a well-balanced combination of power and control. The elongated head gives one a bit of extra reach, which is welcome and the sweet spot is generous compared to some other paddles that I’ve tried. It still looks almost new… in particular, the Cherry Wood face retains it’s warm beauty. I like it so much that I ordered a second one, as the Special Edition (which really shows off the Cherry Wood face) may not always be available.
    Hand built right here in Ontario, light, durable, beautiful and fun to play with. What’s not to like?
    Dave S, Toronto

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