RETRO 86T Fiberglass / Cherry Hybrid

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Got my Brickhouse last weekend and I can truthfully say it performs as good as it looks. And the folks at Brickhouse are marvelous, courteous, and knowledgeable about the game and their products.
Bob W, TN

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The RETRO 86T is a fiberglass paddle based on a high density poly honeycomb core with a natural wood playing surface.

Don’t let the narrow profile of this paddle fool you. We made and tested a dozen different versions of size and shape. Wider paddles at 7.25″ and even 7.5″ didn’t have the same feel. Time and time again almost everyone migrated back to the narrower 7″ paddles. People loved the speed.

The narrow profile,  light weight and added length, gives this paddle phenomenal speed and agility without sacrificing power.  If you use a lot of wrist motion in your shot, you will love the way this paddle responds and reduces stress on the muscles, joints and hand.

This paddle is similar to our Retro 85T in construction but puts the sweet spot closer to the head, which helps generate more power due to speed at contact.

Longer paddles are great for a little extra reach when you need it. For some its when playing a lot of singles, for others its when we don’t move quite as fast on the court as we might like.

The fiberglass substructure and the high density honeycomb core gives this paddle quite a bit of pop which easily generates power and makes it great for drops and resets.  If you spend a lot of time at the net dinking, you may prefer our carbon fiber Heritage 75.

We use a high performance Max-Grip urethane finish for durability and appearance. The Max-Grip surface finish provides an extremely durable surface with a high surface coefficient of friction without having to use a nondurable applied texture. This combined with the fiberglass substructure gives the paddle the ability to consistently spin the ball for the duration of the paddles life.

Whether you are blocking or attacking, the octagonal shaped handle is designed for quick and precise mid rally adjustments. The shape fits tightly in the hand letting you know exactly where the paddle is facing and keeps it there. The 5.25″ handle length provides optimum reach and lots of room for those that like a two handed backhand.

This is one amazing paddle, a lot of fun to play. Like all Brick House paddles, it’s designed and manufactured to help you play better and play more.

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1 review for RETRO 86T Fiberglass / Cherry Hybrid

  1. JimH

    I can attest to the performance. After a few sessions using the 86T I’m impressed with my speed and control. Third shot drops are more consistent and “near the top” shots are more likely to clear the net. Size matters in some things but not all things.
    JH. Toronto.

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