RETRO 85T Fiberglass / Cherry Hybrid

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I love my Brick House paddle and I play and teach at least 4 times a week. I really like the square handle
Pat M, London, On

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Designed for: Light weight, Agility, Pop, Soft feel, and Control

Our Retro 85  paddles are light weight and designed for agility and speed. The light weight makes it a very fast paddle and an easy paddle to play. This can be  a huge bonus for those with a few aches and pains in the arm and shoulder. 

The inherent beauty of cherry wood, coupled with the golden amber finish, enhances the distinctiveness of these paddles, making them as visually appealing as they are functional on the court.

The combination of cherry wood and fiberglass in this paddle delivers a supremely comfortable feel, providing ample pop for players seeking added power while maintaining good control.

The surface finish, along with the cherry wood playing surface in our Retro series, generates substantial spin without the need for added textures. While other paddles may feature applied textures for immediate spin, they often degrade quickly. Our commitment to quality prioritizes durability over temporary advantages, ensuring long-term performance.

The size and shape of the 85T  is smaller than the 87 and  is designed for agility and speed while maximizing the size of the sweet spot and focusing it more in the center of the paddle length. 

The Retro paddle is an excellent all-around choice, for beginners and players up to approximately a 4.0 skill level looking to get to the ball faster.

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5 reviews for RETRO 85T Fiberglass / Cherry Hybrid

  1. Dennis D

    Received paddle yesterday. Very impressed with appearance, even better than pictures. Seems to play well. Nice weight. Don’t think I will be the only one on our court with one of these for long.
    Dennis D.

  2. Grant F

    My old paddle was pretty beat up so needed a new one. I wanted something manufactured in Canada. I found Brickhouse in a search. I decided on the Retro 85T. It was the weight I wanted and the look of the paddle is great. So we stopped in St. Mary’s on one of our road trips and fortunately Chris had one available.
    I’ve played with it now several times. The weight is right on for me. You can tell from the deep thunk and the feel when contact is made with the ball that the construction is superb. Several of the people I play with have tried it out and all are as impressed as I am with it.
    I’m pretty hard on my paddles. They get pretty chewed up after about a year. When I do that to this 85T I can guarantee I’ll be going back for another one.

  3. Greg D

    I’ve been playing with my Retro 85T for a few months now and I quite like it. I’m around a 4.0 player and had been using a Paddletek Helo. I thought I’d try a shorter paddle and force myself to find a little extra quickness and accuracy at the net. My game does feel better and I’m, also, happy with the power of the Retro 85T. Of course, everyone comments on the beauty of the paddle, so that’s a plus too.
    Greg D

  4. Dave (Ohio, US)

    Had to sneak my Retro 85T Cherry out to play before my wife wraps it and puts under the Christmas tree. Initial thoughts on taking it out of the box were that it is well made. Grip size was perfect and very soft. The look of the wood is beautiful. The paddle is light and very well balanced.
    During play I was pleased with the power. I have been using a Prokennex paddle which I think has good power but the T85 is It’s equal there. I did find that there was less spin than my other paddle. I still got a lot of spin with the T85 which was surprising because of the smooth face . What little I lost in spin was more than made up for in touch and feel at NVZ. I have never hit better dinks or drops than I did today.
    I’ll admit I asked for the T85 for Christmas because it looked cool and it’s unique but I am extremely happy that it plays as good as it looks!
    p.s. I got the lighter model intending to add lead tape to it like my other paddle. I tend to have the paddle twist in my hand on miss hits and hurt my wrist sometimes. Lead tape on my other paddles have helped but it’s probably an issue with my grip. The T85 never twisted in my hand. So either I didn’t miss hit any(doubtful) or the T85 does a better job absorbing miss hits.

  5. JD

    Love this paddle,4 of my friends have also purchased them and not 1 bad review,,,,,,also they have the best customer service…

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