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We are always looking to support local and when one of the folks in town said they had a great paddle stand we took one look and were all in. We were so impressed we now include them as part of our new retailer package.

These stands make great gifts or trophies for any occasion. Birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, holidays,  local tournaments or you just love your new paddle.

Each stand is made from solid walnut and uses a radio frequency remote, RGB LED lights and is powered by a USB power supply. ( not included ).

Available with 10 pickleball slogans or send us your art work.

  1. I’m not retired I’m a full time pickleball player
  2. Pickleball fixes everything
  3. Play better. Play More
  4. Worlds best pickleball coach
  5. I have a dinking problem
  6. There is no such thing as too much pickleball
  7. Pickleball till you drop
  8. Its all about pickleball
  9. Pickleball its what I do
  10. Respect the paddle

$90.00 – $125.00 average


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