Heritage 74T – Carbon Fiber Maple Hybrid Traditional

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Designed for balance, control and power

The Heritage 74T paddle is designed for customers who prefer a slightly wider, more forgiving paddle in a more traditional shape with increased surface area and a more centralized sweet spot.

This paddle is extemely forgiving and boasts an impressive sweet spot, enabling players to achieve more shots with more accuracy and power. 

The balanced weight distribution enhances the paddle’s agility, making it feel considerably lighter during play, further improving its accuracy and minimizing fatigue.

The 74T doesn’t compromise on power, but it’s most impressive feature is arguably control, making it an ideal choice for those in search of consistency.

The paddle’s design and construction are perfectly suited to players who prefer a soft touch without compromising a crisp feel.

The Heritage series natural maple playing surface dampens harsh vibrations and sound, while the carbon fiber substructure provides exceptional feedback. The result is a perfect feel that instills unwavering confidence in your shots, whether driving the ball, dinking, blocking, or resetting.

Thanks to a combination of surface finish friction and our natural wood playing surface, our paddles generate significant spin without the need for additional textures. Unlike other paddles that feature applied textures for initially aggressive spin, these textures often degrade quickly, resulting in a significant loss of performance. Our commitment to quality prioritizes long-term performance over providing a temporary advantage, ensuring our paddles deliver the value and longevity our customers expect.

The Heritage 74T is a traditionally shaped paddle with a responsive centralized sweet spot, exceptional balance, feel, power, and control, all blended to provide players with a remarkable paddle experience at an affordable price.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, this paddle delivers exceptional performance and most importantly outstanding value.

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Heritage Colours

Dark Blue and Black, Natural Maple and Black, Pink and Black

1 review for Heritage 74T – Carbon Fiber Maple Hybrid Traditional

  1. C.E.

    I love this paddle and it is now my go to. It has a great feel to it and it has really helped my short game. I have a feeling I will be playing this paddle for a long time.
    Thanks Brick House, awesome job.

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