Heritage 75 Carbon Fiber/Maple Hybrid

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This Heritage 75  is a recreational paddle designed for speed and comfort. If you can’t get to the ball you can’t hit it.

The light weight carbon fiber base gives the paddle excellent control and because the sweet spot is closer to the head of the paddle the Heritage 75 gives away nothing on power.

This is one comfortable paddle to play for hours at a time. The lighter natural wood and carbon fiber construction really work well to dampen vibration and provide a distinguishably solid and comfortable feel. Personally we find this paddle great for those with a bit of pickleball elbow.

The hybrid carbon fiber/maple substructure gives the Heritage paddles great control for shot placement and dinking, making it perfect for those that value precision over power.

This is a great paddle for someone looking for agility, speed and control in a really comfortable paddle.

USAPA approval pending

More info on the paddle design and shape. Why such a narrow paddle ?

What our customers say:

My hubby and I had the pleasure of meeting with Chris and learning about his method for making the paddles. We purchased a Heritage 75 and a Retro 87, both great paddles that are getting used at least 4-5 times a week. Love recommending to others as they are unique and well made. Can’t wait for the heritage 77 as it’s on my list for next purchase.
Michelle B

What our customers say

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Heritage Colours

Custom 8.5oz, Orange, Powder Blue, Purple, Smoke

4 reviews for Heritage 75 Carbon Fiber/Maple Hybrid

  1. MH

    We love our new Heritage paddles and got to try them out against each other today. We ‘re so glad we made the trip to St. Mary’s. It was great meeting you and we appreciate all the time you spent explaining the paddles to us, letting us try the different models out and making sure we got the paddles that would work best for us. Thanks again
    MH, MH,DN

  2. Steve L

    I’ve only seen paddles for sale made in the %-+&$-$&+#, so it’s great to see a local Ontario pickleball paddle maker. I have and love the Heritage 75 paddle (non-sponsored!) & wish you and the company all the best!

  3. Ray D

    re: Heritage 75
    Used the paddle 3 times now. Like it alot. Love the feel and soft touch it gives me. Thanks again for such a nice work of art and technical precision. Had a few inquiries about where I purchased it. Hope they lead to more business
    RD, Ontario

  4. Joel A

    Paddle model:
    Models: 75/76T

    Please rate our paddle:
    5 – Absolutely Love it 😍

    This is a very nice and comfortable paddle, that is easy to use. I run weekly pickleball sessions and the participants absolutely love it. They also love the story behind the paddle and the idea of having something that is hand made and not mass produced. Thank you for creating such an authentic product.

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