Brick*House specializes in the design and construction of hybrid composite/wood paddles that provide an excellent balance of power, control and comfort to provide an amazing feel you just can’t get with a straight composite paddle. For us there is nothing better than the natural beauty and feel of wood and the durability of a composite construction. We produce a wide range of paddles including USAPA approved, recreational and custom paddles.

USAPA Approved Paddles

USAPA Approved

Our expanding line of USAPA approved paddles is for those who want to play sanctioned tournaments and require an approved paddle. Our T series paddles are all manufactured to the same exacting specifications and are USAPA approved.


Our recreational paddles are all designed and built to meet USAPA specifications but have not been official certified. These paddles are based on our RETRO design and are currently offered in a natural cherry, a cherry light and a RETRO 65 ash light. The light versions are all under 7.9oz.

Custom/Limited Production

Burled Maple

Our custom paddles are all designed and built to USAPA specifications but like our recreational paddles they are not sent for official certification.

Our custom paddles are where we have fun and take the opportunity to try different woods, finishes, grip sizes and shapes etc. There are so many exotic woods and finish combinations to explore.

Some of the custom paddles we have produced include an exclusive holiday run with an exotic natural burled maple, branded paddles for a racket club, custom heavy weight paddles, and paddles for players with arthritis and other issues.

Regardless of which paddle you choose we know you will love the way it plays, looks and feels.