RETRO 85T Cherry USAPA Approved

We just had to add this paddle to our line. We had so many requests after we built and tested our prototypes. People love this paddle.

This paddle is essentially the same as the RETRO 65 except we use a cherry wood instead of ash. The natural beauty of cherry and the golden amber finish enhances the uniqueness of these paddles and makes them as easy on the eyes as they play on the court.

The cherry wood does give this paddle a slightly softer feel than the Retro 65T ash and they generally weigh about .2oz less than the 65T.

Though the paddle surface may look relatively smooth at first, it has a coefficient of friction very close to the maximum allowed under USAPA rules, making it easy to generate spin when you need it.

The Retro 85T is a great all around paddle with lots of pop but without sacrificing control. Excellent for beginner to advanced players.

If you want something truly unique to set you apart from the crowd the RETRO 85T is an excellent paddle.

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