Pickleball Paddle Edge Guard Repair and Replacement

Protective edge guard is just that. Protective. In protecting a paddles core and playing surfaces the trim takes a beating and sometimes needs to be replaced to keep your paddle looking and playing its best. This video shares the basics of replacement. We also offer paddle repair services if you would like to send your paddle in.


We designed our edge guard so it is replaceable meaning it does sometimes come loose. In many cases a little glue in the loose area will fix the issue and trim replacement is not required. There are lots of glues that will work but in our opinion CA (instant glue, gel type or thick) seems to work the best.

It is a bit tricky to ensure you don’t stick yourself to the paddle but if you are careful, wear disposable gloves and take you time, it is an easy repair. If you aren’t comfortable with CA glue you can try a construction adhesive, though it will take longer to dry. You are also welcome to send the paddle back to us for the repair.

Glues you probably shouldn’t use; white glue, carpenters glue, contact cement, or anything silicone based.


If you need to replace your edge guard you can order it from us via the shop page. We recommend that when replacing the trim, do a couple of dry runs fitting it to the paddle before you apply the glue and go for it.

If you are not comfortable replacing the trim, you are welcome to send the paddle to us and we will be happy to do it for you.

Edge guard for pickballball paddle repair