Movember is about men’s health and Brick House Paddles is “growing it out” to have some fun, raise some money for a great cause and to remind us men that we are not invincible and our health is a priority.

So here are three great ways to have some fun on the courts, and remind guys not to let stuff slide.

1) Put a STACHE ON YOUR ASH, paddle stickers  $10.00

Add a vinyl “Ash Stache” sticker to your paddle and play it with pride to show your support. Works on all paddle brands, not just a Brick*House. Easily trimmable come December in case your better half isn’t as thrilled with it as you are. Works on ladies paddles too.

Brick House Paddles Movember T Shirt

2) Ash Stache “Stache Your Ash” T shirt $25.00

Purchase an Ash Stache T Shirt and we’ll include an Ash Stache paddle sticker too.

3) Special Edition RETRO 65 T paddle with pre grown Ash Stache . $149.00

Purchase a Retro 65T paddle and we give you 10% off, include the trimmable pre groomed  Retro 65 paddle, an Ash Stache T Shirt and we’ll donate 15% of the sale proceeds towards men’s health. Use coupon code ash stache.

All pricing includes free shipping to just about anywhere in Canada or the US.

All proceeds will be donated to Movember Canada.

Brick House Paddles bad ash hoodie


Send us a picture for our Facebook page of your ash stache , a new mustache, or pretty much anything to support the cause and we’ll enter you in a draw for a free BAD ASH hoodie. Yup, no purchase necessary.

A few years ago I lost a great friend to prostate cancer. Kind of guy who drank too much, smoked too much, loved the outdoors and a good laugh. The kind of guy who could cut a tree down with a bass and never believed a lake existed just because it was on a map. The kind of guy that could land a bush plane on a dime and it wasn’t a good take off unless there was pine on the floats. When it came to health, if it hurt you walked it off or waited till it went away. After he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had a PSA count higher than a powerball jackpot, I remember his words of advice.

“I should’a got my ass checked”.

Brick House Paddles Ash Stache