We manufacture awesome products and are always looking for great retailers and pro shops to be part of our team. 

We are looking for retailers who offer a value add to the products they represent and who are active in their local community. As a community based paddle manufacturer we offer retailers a host of reasons that make our paddles both easy and profitable to sell.

Why add Brick*House Paddles to your product offering?

No large ecommerce sites: We do not flood the market with our product through large online retailers and e-commerce sites. We rely on our retailers and pro shops to educate customers on our products and put the right paddle in the players hand. We have worked retail and know the sting of a customer using you or your staff to research a product only to buy it online.  If your business model is to just put products up on a commodity based website where customers are a number, you are probably not our type of business partner. 

Getting started: Starting out with a new paddle line is challenging so we make it easy to get started. We have very manageable  minimum order quantities and inventory requirements and have an easy to attain startup demo paddle program.  We also offer an inventory exchange program to help get your inventory properly tailored to your customers.

Support Local: We love to support local and community events that help our retailers build their presence with their customers. Local tournaments, clinics, youth programs are all things we like to get behind so we make it easy to access support when you need it.

Custom Services: With Brick House paddles you have the ability to offer your customers a full custom paddle service. Whether your customer requires a custom handle size or shape, paddle colour, paddle shape, size or weight, we are always open to help your customers that may have special needs play better. (some restrictions apply). 

Store or club branding: We make it easy to brand our paddles. Maybe you want to add your store logo to a paddle or have a local association or club that wants to do something. We can make it happen. 

Innovation: To be successful you need to innovate which is more than just changing graphics on a paddle or subbing out production. We are continually researching new materials and processes to develop new products that not only keep our paddle offering fresh but help our customers play better. 

100% Made in Canada: For us, being successful is supporting local communities including our own, and that is why we are  committed to keeping our paddles 100% made in Canada, using as many locally sourced materials as we can from start to finish.

If you want to work with a fun, energetic and responsive manufacturer drop us a line or give us a call we would love to talk with you.