Design Objectives


We carefully selected and specified our core material and matched it with the highest quality fiberglass and wood to keep the ball on the paddle a fraction longer for better control. If a paddle is too hard the ball can react too fast and with too much energy making it more difficult for placing shots.


In keeping with our objectives we wanted a paddle that was comfortable especially for those with a few acquired aches and pains.

We make the handle grip as symmetrical as possible and offer it in different sizes. Yes you can over wrap to make a handle bigger but you can’t really change the shape. A symmetrical handle is easier for most people to hold.

A flatter handle takes more effort to grip putting more strain on the fingers and hand. The same is true if the paddle grip is too small or too big, more strain on the hand and a higher level of fatigue.

Fatigue reduction is why we go to the trouble of offering a symmetrical handle grip in different sizes. If your are playing for more than half an hour comfort is key.


Our paddles tend to be a little heavier. Not so much that it compromises speed and control at the net but enough to help carry the paddle through the ball providing a more controllable power than a lighter weight graphite/carbon paddle.

We feel this helps dampen the vibration and impact on a player’s joints while giving the paddle a little more power for the back of the court. This is a particular benefit to those with tennis elbow.


Reinforced: When designing and building our paddles we want them strong and sturdy so we add extra reinforcement to key areas like the handle neck.

Durable edge guard: You shouldn’t be afraid of damaging an edge going for a tough shot or scooping up a ball. Originally we wanted the lightest possible edge. We tried light trim and even edgeless but a lot of our testing was done outdoors and on hard courts where things happen. Some of the paddle edges after a couple of months looked pretty tough, so now not only do we use a heavy trim, we make it replaceable.


With the simple, natural beauty of wood available in 9 colours our paddles definitely stand out, in a good way.

If you are looking for a paddle that plays as good as it looks, a Brick*House may be the perfect paddle for you.