For us there is nothing better than the natural beauty of wood combined with the performance of a well engineered composite. So we at Brick*House specialize in manufacturing hybrid paddles with a natural wood playing surface and composite/honeycomb substructure. We meticulously craft every one of our paddles to bring out the best in a player. The composite design provides everything you expect from a well balanced high performance paddle. Great feel, amazing control, and solid power while the natural wood playing surface ensures your paddle is as individual as you. Brick*House paddles are designed for players of all levels who demand more than the ordinary in a paddle.


The Brick*House RETRO 65T is a hybrid composite paddle comprised of a natural ash wood playing surface, structural fiberglass and a polypropylene honeycomb core. This combination gives our paddles a great sweet spot and lots of pop.

The hybrid design results in a feel that is softer and the wood acts as a natural vibration and noise dampener. These paddles provide great control without sacrificing power and relieve some of the shock on the wrist, elbow and arm to keep you playing better, longer.

The wood surface provides beautiful aesthetics and strength, which gives our paddles a feel you just can’t get with a straight composite paddle.

The RETRO 65T paddle is designed for players at any level and is available in a natural finish or 8 beautiful colours.

RETRO 85 T Natural Cherry

The Brick*House RETRO 85T our lightest hybrid composite paddle comprised of cherry wood playing surface, structural fiberglass and a honeycomb core available in two weights 7.9 oz.+/- 0.2oz or 7.6oz +/- .2oz.

The durable clear finished cherry wood surface is designed to take the punishment of daily play and still enhance the beautiful ascetics of the natural wood. These paddles age beautifully by darken, further enhancing beauty.

These paddles are extremely well balanced, and with the natural dampening of the wood playing surface they are as easy on the wrist and elbow as they are easy on the eyes.

The 85T is a very comfortable paddle to play with amazing power and control. If you play more than an hour a day you will love this paddle for more than its looks.