One of many Brick House Customer Stories-March 2024

“I took lessons in January 2024 and bought an inexpensive set of paddles online
which were one of their best sellers. At the end of the lessons, I borrowed the instructor’s decent paddle from a major manufacturer. I instantly played so much better.

So I started the hunt for a better paddle and went online to learn how they were
designed and constructed and the pros and cons to each. It was really hard to find
out the exact design features of some of the major brands except for the
materials used and the sizes as they kept this hidden and proprietary. The prices
for the models that seemed to have the best designs were too expensive for me.

Then in my research I came across the Brick House site and they actually provided
the design descriptions and much of how they were manufactured. I loved how
they described the design features of each paddle and the pros and cons of each.
No where else could I find any such descriptions on high-end paddles. And the
prices for the Brick House higher-end paddles were half the price of the major
I sent an email to the company asking, based on my beginner experience, which
of 2 paddles might suit me better. To my surprise, Chris from Brickhouse emailed
me back to arrange a time to discuss the options for me and we had a fairly
lengthy discussion which resulted in me buying a Heritage 77T. We went over my
tennis background, how I hit the ball (forearm or wrist), my game weaknesses,
I practiced against a wall for an hour or so and went to play at the local recreation
centre. Myself and my partner played against 2 men (level 3) that blew us away
the week before, but this time we blew them away. I was able to better place
shots, serve more aggressively with accuracy and confidence, and dink better.
I have a lot to learn and a lot more practicing to do, but this paddle won’t hold me
back like my inexpensive online paddles did.

I appreciated the customer service from Chris and Brick House and I now have a
higher-end paddle I can get better with. Thanks to Chris and Brick House –

Cliff W., Ottawa, Ontario