As Lovers of both pickleball and wood we wanted to develop a paddle that had all the beauty of natural wood but all the benefits of today’s composite paddles. 

Hence the RETRO Series. These are definitely not your parents paddles. These are a high performance composite paddle with excellent playability.

 When we created the Retro series we wanted to pay tribute to the heritage of the game. It was 1965 that pickleball was first developed. Hence RETRO 65. Back then everybody played with wooden paddles. Over the years technology has for the most part forced them to the side or more likely the basement.

All paddles are designed to USAPA specifications although only the Ash paddle is being submitted for approval to the USAPA for sanctioned competitive tournament play.

Paddles are available in Ash, Cherry, Bamboo, all with a natural finish.

These paddles are strong and sturdy and built to be played all day everyday. You could say they are built like a brick house, and we’re ok with that.

If you’re searching for a paddle without all the meaningless graphics, and one that plays as good as it looks, a Brick*House RETRO may be the perfect paddle for you.